Monday, October 6, 2008

NEFA: Sucessor to Rosetta?

NEFA is the Nine Eleven, Finding Answers Foundation.

It is based in Charleston, SC, as was Rosetta Researcha and Consulting LLC.

The key investigator at NEFA is David Draper, a Rosetta associate. In 2006, after the demise of Rosetta, Draper was paid $235,063.

NEFA paid former Washington Post reporter Doug Farah $227,363 in 2006.

Finally, in 2006, NEFA paid "terrorism expert" Evan Kohlmann $54,000.

So, like Rosetta, we see lots of money being thrown around.

NEFA's president is one Michelle "M.T." Hayes-none other than David Draper's first wife. So, like Rosetta, not quite straight transactions.

Does the tale continue? More NeoCon trickery? More McCain influence?

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